Manner Lifestyles ( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

There are no perfect relationships but let's face it, surf couples are killing it! 

When your mutual passion is to chase waves and travel the world to find perfect uncrowded breaks, you know you're in for some serious couple bonding experiences that will make your relationship stronger, not to say unbreakable...

So here's what we can learn from this rare breed of people: 13 #relationshipgoals that will 


#1 Never stand in the way of your partner having fun

It takes a lot of love, understanding and self-confidence to let your partner go and have fun without you. Surfers are always down for a good time but interestingly, they also know what's like to feel landlocked, deprived from waves and miserable and therefore prove to be quite understanding when it comes to having fun! So just chill out and don't be a control freak!

#2 Sacrifice your own pleasure for the benefit for your soul mate

Any surfer who's ever been on camera duties when the surf is pumping knows what I'm talking about...Whether it be taking surfing photos of your other half, blocking waves for them or letting them catch the wave of the day because you want them to have the best time, surfing teaches you self-devotion and how to set your loved one as your top priority, which is crucial to the success of your relationship.

#3 Align your goals & agendas

Getting on the same page about the future is key to a successful long-term relationship.  Surf couples are pretty lucky to align on a lot of things like holidays (surf trips), where to live (on the coast), what car to buy (one that's big enough for the boards), what to do on the weekend (wake up early and surf), what future they want for their kids ("you will be a surfer my son") and therefore dodge a lot of bullets!