Manner Lifestyles ( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Just over a week after WrestleMania 34, WWE made some massive changes to its two major rosters beginning Monday with the first half of the Superstar Shakeup. After adding five new talents last week on the Raw after WrestleMania, WWE went ahead and placed 18 more talents on the red brand Monday night with 17 of them coming over directly from SmackDown.

Included among those was Jinder Mahal, who brought along and quickly lost the United States Championship. Dolph Ziggler (along with surprise teammate Drew McIntyre), Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin were among the other big moves with it only announced that SmackDown would receive The Miz (sans The Miztourage) in return.

With such drastic changes going down Monday night, suddenly SmackDown Live on Tuesday adds even more intrigue. Is WWE going to figure out a way to put the U.S. or Intercontinental title on the show? How will the blue brand replace such a drastic amount of talent? What is Raw going to do with so many new, legitimate tag teams without any seemingly moving over from SmackDown?

CBS Sports will be back with you Tuesday updating the full list of Superstar Shakeup changes throughout the entire show. For now, check out our results and grades from Raw on Monday night.

WWE Raw results, grades

Jinder Mahal joins Raw: After Raw general manager Kurt Angle opened the show, Mahal hit the ring as the red brand's first acquisition and began complaining that he was brought to the arena in an SUV as opposed to a limousine with a motorcade. He then demanded top-tier perks, the same ones universal champion Brock Lesnar receives because he's the best superstar on the roster. Angle responded by putting Mahal's title on the line immediately, forcing him to prove his claim. Hot opening segment and great mic work by both men.

United States Championship -- Jeff Hardy def. Jinder Mahal (c) via pinfall to win the title: The match one would expect with Hardy working through his signature moves and thus making Mahal look better than he normally does in the ring. Hardy reversed The Khallas twice and eventually hit Twist of Fate before climbing to the top rope and connecting with the Swanton Bomb to pick up the clean 1-2-3 and become the new title holder and now a Grand Slam champion. After the match, Mahal said he was brought to Raw to be embarrassed by Mr. America in Angle and demanded his rematch at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Mahal was interrupted by a dancing, laughing No Way Jose, who invited Renee Young to dance. The match was nothing special, but the storyline enhances the rating here. 

Sasha Banks def. Bayley via disqualification as The Riot Squad interferes: Banks began trash talking Bayley in the middle of the match, leading the two to exchange slaps and then begin a hockey fight. Double knees into the bottom turnbuckle and a Banks Statement made it look like Bayley was done, but Riot Squad ran in to interrupt and take Banks out. They then preyed on Bayley with Riot hitting the Riott Kick as the trio stood tall in the middle of the ring. Not only was the match clunky with a couple missed spots (though it was good overall), the interference did not make sense, and WWE keeping the trio together is a failure.

Samoa Joe confronts Roman Reigns, again: Reigns hit the ring to light boos and "Roman sucks" chants with a smattering of applause. After a long pause, he reiterated that he was at Raw while universal champion Brock Lesnar was not. He promised to beat Lesnar for the title and return to Raw as the "full-time universal champion." Before he could continue, Joe took the stage in a repeat from a week ago, laughing that Reigns brags about coming to work but always fails to get the job done. "I would almost feel sorry for you, but I can't because you're too stupid to understand your place around here," Joe said. "... And you won't learn until somebody puts you down for good." Joe then promised to put Reigns to sleep for good before airing a lengthy package of Lesnar's beatdowns of Reigns over the years. This led Reigns to challenge Joe to prove he can step up to the plate; Joe feigned making his way to the ring twice before walking off.

Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley & Bobby Roode def. The Miz (via pinfall), Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & The Miztourage: The match was a mess, as one would expect from a 10-man tag made out of nowhere. Lashley impressed with his tremendous athleticism, and Roode got a couple spotlight moments in his first bout on Raw after he was announced as the fifth and final man of the face team. Miz and Strowman were in the ring late with Miz taking a beating, but as he attempted to tag in each member of The Miztourage, they dropped off the ring apron and walked to the back, letting him fend for himself. Strowman immediately rammed Miz into the turnbuckles and hit the running power slam for the sendoff pinfall.