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What is Visual Studio and why it is used - Why Using Visual Studio

Visual Studio Is A Free, Open-Source .NET Framework, Visual Studio Framework For The Development Of Computer Programs, Web Sites, Web Apps And Mobile Apps. Visual Studio Uses Microsoft Software Development Platforms Such As Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store, And Microsoft Silverlight. It Can Produce Both The Original Code And The Managed Code.

Discover The Perfect Tool For Software Development With Microsoft Visual Studio On PC Or Mac. Versions Are Available For Teams Of All Sizes, Including Individual Developers. Visual Studio 2017 Is A Fully-Featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For Android, IOS, Windows, Web, And Cloud.

Visual Studio Includes IntelliSense (The Code Completion Component) As Well As Supporting Code Editor For Code Refactoring. Integrated Debugger Works As Both A Source-Level Debugger And A Machine-Level Debugger. Other Built-In Tools Include Code Profiler, Web Designer, Class Designer And Database Schema Designer And Forms Designer For Creating GUI Apps.

Why Using Visual Studio

Visual Studio Also Includes Various Additional Development Tools, Such As Visual SourceSafe; Which Tools Are Included Depends Greatly On The Edition Of Visual Studio That You Are Using.

Easy Install & Control

Visual Studio Installation Is Faster And More Controllable, With Clear Workplaces Inside It And Fine Tuning Of Installation. Install Your Small And More Focused, But With The Ability To Return To The Installer And Add Other Capabilities When Needed.

Supported 36 Programming Languages 

Visual Studio 36 Supports Various Programming Languages, And Code Editor And Debugger (For Various Degrees) Allow Almost Any Programming Language, In Which Language-Specific Services Exist. Built-In Languages Include C, C ++, C ++ / CLI, Visual Basic .NET, C #, F #, Javascript, TypeScript, XML, XSLT, HTML And CSS. Among Other Languages Such As Python, Ruby, Node.Js And Others M Among Is Available Through Plug-Ins. Java (And J#) Were Supported In The Past.


The Most Comprehensive Set Of Resources For You And Your Team To Create, Deploy, And Manage Great Applications. Includes Access To Core Microsoft Server Software, Azure Credits For Development And Testing In The Cloud.


When You’re Debugging And Hit An Exception It Wouldn’t It Be Good If Visual Studio Showed You The Type, The Message And The Inner And Inner Most Exceptions Without Haven’t To Do Anything At All? Time To Look At Visual Studio.