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What is laravel and why it is used - Why Using Laravel


Laravel Is A Free, Open-Source PHP Web Framework. Laravel Create For The Development Of Web Applications Following The Model–View–Controller (MVC) Architectural Pattern. Some Other Features Of Laravel Are A Modular Packaging System With A Dedicated Dependency Manager, Different Ways For Accessing Relational Databases, Utilities That Aid In Application Deployment And Maintenance, And Its Orientation Toward Syntactic Sugar.

Laravel Is Regarded As One Of The Most Popular PHP Frameworks, Together With Symphony, CodeIgniter, Yii2 And Others.

Best popularity in PHP framework

Laravel Framework Was Swift Path From A Promising Up To One Of The Leading PHP-Motion. A Brief Description Is As Follows: Open Source Code, Working With MVC Architectural Model, User-Friendly Interface, And Expanded Functionality.

Choosing A Right PHP Development Framework To Develop A Web Application For The Business Can Be A Very Difficult Task Because There Are So Many Options Available. From The Past Few Years, We Value Coders  Are Using Laravel Framework On A Regular Basic.

MVC Framework

Laravel Applications Follow The Traditional Model-View-Controller Design Pattern, Where You Use

Controllers To Handle User Requests And Retrieve Data, By Leveraging Models

Models To Interact With Your Database And Retrieve Your Objects’ Information

Views To Render Pages

Lightweight Framework

It Features Tons Of Laravel Specific Packages, The Lightweight Blade Templating Engine, Unit Testing, ORM, A Packaging System, RESTful Controller Sand Now Laravel Is The First Framework To Introduce Routing In Abstract Way. It Takes Out The Hassle Of Code Organization.

Multi-user authentication

Laravel Provides Many Features Out Of Box Like User Authentication, Prevention Of Cross-Site Request Forgery, MiddleWare For Restricting Unauthorized Access And Bunch Of Much More Features. Talking About User Authentication System, Laravel By Default Ships With Basic User Functionality Like User Login, Registration, Forgot Password, Reset Password.


While Developing An Application Everyone Has To Use Some Of The Other Ways To Make The Application Secure. Laravel Takes Care Of The Security With In Its Framework. It Uses Salted And Hashed Password, Which Means That The Password Would Never Save As The Plain Text In Database. It Uses Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm For Generating Encrypted Representation Of A Password. Laravel Uses Prepared SQL Statements Which Make Injection Attacks Unimaginable.Along With This, Laravel Provides A Simple Way To Escape User Input To Avoid User Injection Of <Script> Tag.

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