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What is GO? - Why Developer choose Go language| Why should you learn to go?


Go (Often Called Golang) In 2009, A Programming Language Has Been Made At Google By Robert Grecimer, Rob Pike, And Ken Thompson. It Is A Compiled, Statically Typed Language In The Tradition Of Algol And C, Which Includes Waste Collection, Limited Structural Typing, Memory Security Features And CSP-Style Concurrent Programming Features. Compiler And Other Language Resources All Are Developed By Google Are Free And Open Source.

Go's Main Design Goals Is Code Adaptability; It Should Be Easy To Take The Simple Design And Build On It Clean And Naturally. In This Discussion, Go Describes A Simple "Chat Roulette" Server That Matches The Integration Of Incoming TCP Connections, And Then Uses Go's Consent Methods, Interfaces And Standard Libraries To Expand With Web Interface And Other Features. When The Function Of The Program Changes Dramatically, Go's Resilience Saves The Original Design Because It Grows.

Why Developer Choose Go

Why Go Chosen By The Developer? What Are The Defining Characteristics Of Go, How Does It Differ From Other Programming Languages, And What Types Of Projects Are Most Suitable For It? In This Article, We Will Find Out About Go Feature Set, Best Use Cases, Language Omissions And Limitations, And Where Go Is Going From Here.

Go is Easy & Small

Go Is Easy To Learn, Easy To Work And Easy To Read By Other Developers. Do Not Have A Large Set-Up, Especially When Compared To Languages Like C ++. Go Reminds C Of Its Syntax, Making It Relatively Easy For C Developers To Know For A Long Time. That Said, Many Features Of Go, Especially Its Concurrency And Functional Programming Features.