Manner Lifestyles ( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Changing the season also changes the interior of the house. But it is not possible to change a lot every season, because this can increase as the cost significantly. Instead of making small changes, the cold feeling can be found. Interior Designer Ayush Jaiswal is giving full details about this.

The summer season is now also felt in the house. To get relief from the heat, you have also started using AC, cooler. But by changing the interior of the house, the heat of heat can also be reduced within the home.

This makes the house feel cold. Seeing the interior will also be pleasurable. But this happens only when you make small changes in the interior of your home. You can make the house cool by making small changes

For Living Area

1. If the carpet is first placed in the room then remove it. Actually, the atmosphere of the room remains warm because of the carpet.
2. In this season, instead of the carpet, you can give a cool look to your house with cotton rugs of pastel color in the market.
3. Select the bright pastel floral prints for your house curtains, bed sheets, and cushion covers during the summer season.
4. Also select bedroom bed sheets, curtains and cushion covers of cotton fabric. It also gives a sense of coolness in summer.
5. As far as the selection of scenes is concerned, choose two types of house curtains, one net and another thick curtain.
6. With the veil of the net where you can enjoy the lukewarm sunlight in the morning, in the afternoon when the sun's heat is at its peak, it can prevent sunlight from coming in the room with a thick curtain, it will not increase the temperature of the room. And the cold feeling will remain.

For drawing room

1. To give fresh, clean look to the house, decorate each of its corners with green plants.
2. Indoor plants make the interior of the house not only pleasant, they also work as air filters. This keeps the house clean.
3. If you talk about indoor plants, then furnaces, orchids are the best options. It is also easy to take care of them.
4. Apart from these, money plants can also be planted in the lawn area of the house or in the balcony, so that the home gets the cooling effect.

For kitchen

1. To provide a cooling feel to the keychain area, the herbs can be planted in small pots.
2. For the sun's heat not to come inside the house, in this season cover the windows of the house with tinted glass.
3. This will not bring heat inside the house. In this way, tampered, stand glass can also be used.
4. While the stand glass on one side gives a certain amount of sunshine in the room, the same Taper glass does not let the sunlight get into the house.