Manner Lifestyles ( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )


As the assembly elections in Karnataka are coming closer, the political parties are rising. It seems that BJP President Amit Shah has made this a question of his reputation. The Prime Minister was here to make 15 rallies here and now he will make 21 rallies. That is, the BJP has put everything on the stake, even to the Prime Minister. But the biggest question arises as to why the Karnataka is so important for the BJP. If you look at the map of India, then it clearly proves that BJP has maintained its dominance in North India.

BJP is in power in 22 states. Even after winning the Assam and Tripura and forming a government in some northeastern states, he has come across the whole of India. Now, let's take a look at the south, here is the BJP's account to open. It is because Karnataka is of great importance for the BJP. The election campaign is at the peak and allegations and reactions are also there. The leaders have started attacking each other privately. Not only this, the war continues on the tweeter, which is continuously increasing. What all this means is clear: BJP should have Karnataka ready for all the time, she has also prepared Plan B.

There is also a third angle in Karnataka and it is JDS, that is, to show the party of Devgowda, it wants that she is against BJP but wants to keep the doors open for the BJP. While Devgowda shows that he is against BJP, there is no faith in Kumaraswamy. He has also gone with BJP before. If the hung assembly is held then JDS will be in the role of King Maker. For Karnataka, the BJP has adopted the strategy of price, price, punishment, discrimination and has left no stone unturned. Especially considering the importance of Lingayat votes, Yeddyurappa is stopping the rhythm to become the chief minister. Lingayat's population in Karnataka is 17%, which is very important for any party.

That is why Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi have both revolted around the Lingayat monasteries and then Siddharamaya took one step and given Lingayat a separate religion and minority status. If the BJP has kept another siege in view of this, the Reddy brothers have been sitting in BJP's lap with the immense wealth force. Sudhakar Reddy was not given the ticket, but his family members, including Karunakara Reddy and Shome Shekhar Reddy, were given tickets. That is, Karnataka is the BJP in Hartal but the biggest question is, but why? Due to the fact that there is a foothold in the south, along with this small state of Kerala, it is still ruled by the Left or the Congress. In recent times, the bloodshed of the BJP and Left parties have been witnessing the bloodshed. According to an estimate, 44 of BJP and 45 of the Left Dal and 17 Congress workers in Kerala have lost their lives. This is the reason why after winning Karnataka, mission Kerala is essential for conquering Karnataka. The pleasure of winning Kerala from the hands of the Leftists will give more self-satisfaction than winning Tripura, and once Karnataka and Kerala come together in Amit Shah and the Prime Minister, both of them can say that his dream of liberating Congress from Congress is almost complete. has gone.