Manner Lifestyles ( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Google Updated New Featured Out Of Your Gmail. Most Of Them Are Neat But Small. However, There Are Some Who You Should Know About So That You Can Check Them Out.

The New Features: The Purpose Of The New "Privacy Status" Helps Keep Messages Confidential. With This Feature, Starting At "Next Week", Everyday Gmail Users Have Access To Advanced Security Features, Which Are Usually Limited To Corporate Email.

We're Really Happy That's The Latest Functionality That Includes Redesign. Here's A Lot Of Convenience For Making Your Email Experience Even Better.

1. Turn on New Gmail

First, You Have To Go To Your Gmail Inbox. Then, Look At The Top Right Corner Of The Window And Click On The Gear Icon. The Drop-Down Menu, You Should See That The First Button Is New. Press "Try The New Gmail" Button.

2. Snooze emails

In Desktop Version, You Can Hover Over A Small Clock And Snooze The Email When It's Time To Deal With You. In Your Inbox, A New Button Appears On The Row Of The Subject Of An Email That Looks Like An Alarm Clock. Tap The Button, And You Can "Snooze" An Email, With Which You Do Not Have The Time To Work Right Now. When You Specify It, It Will Pop Back To The Top Of Your Inbox.

3. Open attachments without opening an email

This Is Just A Small Time-Saving Tweak, But You Can Now Open Any Attachment Without Opening An Email Thread. So You Do Not Have To Open Any Message To See Its Attachment. In The Message List, Select The Message That Has The Attachment. On The File Menu, Point To Save The Connection, And Then Click All Connections. Click OK, Select The Location Of The Folder, And Then Click OK Again.

4. Send emails self-destruct

Gmail Is Not The First Service To Offer Self-Destruction Messages, But It Will Help People Bring The People. At The Bottom Of Every New Gmail Is A Button For "Privacy Status" That Can Secure Messages In Some Cool Ways. The Most Basic Time Limit Is To Set You Can Choose One Month, One Week Or One Day. You Can Select An Expiration Date, After Which The Email And Attachments Are No Longer Read. Probably, Google Actually Does This By Hosting Information Instead Of Sending It, So Lets You Cancel The Message You Sent, So Long As The Recipient Does Not Take A Screenshot In This. At The Bottom Of The Draft Email, You Can Find The Icon For Privacy Mode If It Is Enabled For Your Account. Some Of These Updates Come Out Slowly.

5. Sidebar for your other apps

You're Disappointed By Toggling Between Tasks And Calendars To Straighten The Business Day, The New Design (And Keep!) Integrates This (And Keep!) Toolbar In The Right Side Of Gmail, So You Can Easily Check What's Needed. Do For The Day And What Your Calendar Looks For Another Stunning Update? Google Officially Released A Google Task App For The iPhone And Android.