Manner Lifestyles ( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Everyone in the heat wants to eat some cold and cold all the time. In such a situation, cold drinks and ice cream cannot be eaten all the time. Apart from this, children always insist on all these things. That's why we are going to tell you the recipe for a special dish, which is called Smooth.

Making Banana is like a sweet dish made of banana, which you can ever make for dinner. This will prove to be quite good for the children in the food.

Content for 'Making Smoke'

Baked: 1
Thick lassi: 2 cups
Cinnamon powder: 1/2 teaspoon
Peasy Chinese: Tastes
Chopped pistachios: 1 tbsp


Peel the banana and cut it.
Grind banana pieces with sugar in a mixie.
Tie the prepared lassi and cinnamon powder in the prepared mixture and mix it.
Put a glass of glass in the glass, serve the top of the grating ice and pistachios pieces.