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Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Manner Lifestyles( By: Blog Bye )

Avengers infinity war Thanos does not invade India 

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Avengers infinity war Super villain Thanos rotates in the entire universe and collects stones from all the places. The stone which gets stronger and stronger than it is, despite being so strong, despite all the superheroes fearing it, the supervillains like Thanos do not even think of invading India. Why does such a supervillain attack India?

Thanks, if the mistake happens to find a stone in India, then the people of the hospital, conducting the operation of the stones, surround the Thanos and get rid of Thanos. Seeing all the stones in the hands of the other Thanasas, many people will be able to sell their eyes and see the security cover and squirrel locks, etc. and destroy them. If Thanos landed at India's railway station, some of India's merchants could sell the stones on their hands and even sell them to the moon's moon. He can also explain to Thanos, that he is a Satya of Saturn and he should still give one.

Although Thanos reach all superheroes, India remains on the planet Earth, the biggest mystery in the country has not yet been able to erase the Thaanaas that Gangadhar is capable and it is not possible to run Thanas before Shakti Majum. Because when Tamraj Jewish could not move powerfully, then a super-villain named Thanos who only looks to sell a limb, where can he run? And in another superhero, Abhishek Bachchan has been a superhero as Droana. Hrithik Roshan Krrish and even the super-hero G-One, who does not have the ability to see the whole movie, Thanos does not want to make the mistake of coming to India fearing the local superheroes of India.

Thanos will really come to India, but it is very much afraid of India's superhero. Thanks are also found in two stones in India. One is Salman Khan's lock in the hands of a blue colored stone and the other is 'Nagmani' which cannot even get a villain like Anupam Kher and Amrish Purna. Even today, there are so many cinematic serials on the TV that Thanosaka will confuse or that is where the original Naganya is? Similarly, like Amrish Purna and Anupam Kher have not been able to get information about this for the day.

Thanos came once to invade India, but he started this idea from the invasion of Oppo and Vivo Hordiges across India. Not only this, but India's brotherhood also transformed Thanos' heart, because wherever Thanos go, people, Thanatos face two fingers in front of the thoanosbhai. Speak dhasabasari saying that such brotherhood was not found in any other country.

If Thanos were standing between two people in Rajkot, then people would not have eaten instead of fighting with Thanos and had given them Thanos before eating them, would they take two grains? Seeing all this, Thanos has started invading India.